Jewellery Care

  • Store your jewellery in a cool, dry place.
  • Silver tarnishes when exposed to air, so its a good idea to keep your silver jewellery in airtight ziplock plastic bag, or covered in a cloth enclosed in an airtight container, when not in use
  • Keep your jewellery away from, soaps, chemicals, perfumes, moisture , water.
  • After every use clean your jewellery with soft cloth to remove the oil & grime that would have stuck to it from the skin grime it could have been exposed to throughout the day.
  • These jewellery pieces are delicate, so handle them with care.
  • Don’t keep your jewellery pieces together, it may cause scratching, or breaking.
  • You can re polish your jewellery with nominal charges, by any local jeweller or by us.
  • Silver is prone to oxidation. Silver finish as original can be brought back by cleaning silver jewellery with silver cleaning cloth. It is available with us at an extra cost.
  • Don’t use any unknown silver polishing liquid, as it may affect the stone